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  1. Yes! We have a 6 week summer program starting July 9th. We offer classes for all ages and in all styles. You can see the classes offered on the site. We are currently taking registration.

  2. when will u be starting up again with classes and are u doing tap anymore and if u r for what ages

  3. We are offering tap again! However, right now, we are only offering it for younger ages. Ages 7-11 on Wednesdays at 5:15pm. There is a possibility of adding the Teen tap class! Are you looking to take it again? It was so much fun last year! We have a trophy for you in our office. Also, DVDs of our show will be in hopefully by September 10th, when we begin classes.

  4. Hi, my name is Shasta Alvarado and I am a very experienced dancer in all styles. I am interested in finding a great studio to teach an adult Tap class two nights a week. Tap is my greatest passion and I am excited to share it with those who are willing to learn and have a great time! Please send me an email if you are interested in seeing my resume, I can email it to you. I am available at any time for phone calls as well and I would be happy to come in and meet with you!
    Shasta Alvarado

  5. Hi there I was just wondering what all classes you offer and their rates? I have two daughters that are 7 and 9 and they have been begging me to enroll them I’m gymnastics/dance for years.

  6. Tuition is $40 per month for one class each week. If you had each of your daughters taking one class each week, you receive a family discount of 10% and tuition would be $72 per month total.
    The class schedule is online with times and availability. We offer ballet, jazz, tumbling, hip hop, tap and cheer. Our cheer leading workshop is just finishing up, but all other classes will continue through our spring show which is May 24th. The classes are currently working on their routines for that performance.
    We will be updating our class schedule to include summer classes soon.
    We hold a 6 week summer dance and tumbling program that gives students a perfect opportunity to experience different styles for a short period of time.
    I can add you to our email list if you would like. Then I can send out an email when our summer schedule is online.

  7. What are your rates? For a jazz and tumbleing class for a 13 year old?

  8. $40 per month for one class each week. Summer pricing is a bit different. We offer a 6 week program – cost is $55 for 6 weeks (once a week). $110 for 2 classes each week for the summer session. Our summer class schedule is what you will now see online. Registration begins next week for new students.

  9. Looking for a summer hip hop class or camp for my 13 year old daughter. Do you offer any?

  10. Yes! We offer hip hop for 13 year olds. Try 7:00pm on Thursdays. Our summer program is 6 weeks long and begins June 10th. You can register online and pay your tuition on your first day. We are not in the office to accept payments until summer classes. You can call and we can accept a payment over the phone, or you can just take care of it the first day. 801-298-0395 is our phone. Summer tuition is $55 for 6 weeks.

  11. yes! Dancers can still register for Summer classes. We have 3 weeks left of our summer session. We also have team auditions coming up July 19th,as well as a ballet intensive (3 days of ballet classes) in August. Fall classes will begin in September and registration for that will begin the end of July.

  12. how much are your ballet lessons for 12 year old? and how much is the camp for ballet and how long?

  13. Ballet classes in the fall are $40 per class per week. Discounts are given for multiple classes.
    Our summer ballet intensive is 3 days 1.5 hours each day for $50.
    Our summer ballet classes run for 6 weeks, beginning July 7th. Cost is $55 for 6 weeks, if you are taking once per week.

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